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Graduation Cap Tassel Photo Charm - Memory Tassel

Introducing our GRADUATION Cap Tassel Photo Charm - Memory Tassel, a meaningful accessory for graduates to attach to their graduation cap and tassel. This thoughtful addition allows the graduate to carry the memory of a lost loved one with them on their momentous graduation day.

Explore our collection to find the perfect Graduation Cap Tassel Photo Charm that resonates with the spirit of your celebration. These charms are designed to showcase a cherished photo/s, creating a tangible connection to the presence of a loved one who may not be physically present but remains close in memory.

As graduates embark on this significant milestone, the Memory Tassel serves as a heartfelt tribute, honoring the impact of those who have left a lasting impression on their journey. With this unique accessory, graduates can carry the warmth of their memories as they cross the stage and step into the next chapter of their lives. Choose a GRADUATION Cap Tassel Photo Charm to add a touch of sentiment and remembrance to this special day.