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The Ultimate Guide to Mother of the Bride Duties: Supporting Your Daughter on Her Big Day

Posted by Tami Henry on

As the mother of the bride, your role in your daughter's wedding goes far beyond just showing up on the big day. As the mother of the bride, your presence and guidance are important as your daughter gets ready for her wedding. This guide will help you understand your duties and responsibilities, so you can fulfill your role with love and happiness.

mother of the bride

  • Emotional Support: One of the most important roles of the mother of the bride is to provide emotional support throughout the wedding planning process. Listen to her ideas, offer guidance when asked, and be a calming presence during moments of stress or uncertainty.

  • Memorial Pendant Gift: The perfect gift for the mother of the bride to give her daughter is one of our Memorial pendants. You can have it made with a photo of a loved one who cannot be present on her wedding day or a saying that has special meaning to the two of you. You can present a gift at her bridal shower or on the day of her wedding day.something blue personalized

  • Wedding Planning Help: Although the bride and groom usually handle wedding planning, your support and ideas are very important. You can offer to assist with tasks like finding venues, choosing vendors, and sending out invitations. Just make sure you don't overshadow your daughter's vision for her big day. I also suggest having a conversation with your daughter on the style of dress she would like to see you in.

  • Dress Shopping Companion: A special time for a mother and daughter is shopping for the perfect wedding dress. They can go together to try on dresses. The mother should give her honest opinion ( When asked) . She should also help her daughter find a gown that makes her feel confident and beautiful.
  • Host Pre-Wedding Events: As the bride's mom, you may need to plan events before the wedding, such as the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. Work with family and bridal party to organize these gatherings, making sure they match the couple's style and choices.

  • Week before: I highly suggest having a mom, daughter day a week or two before the wedding day. There you can sit down uninterrupted and talk about her expectations. That way everyone will be in agreement and minor conflicts can be avoided and expectations meet.

  • Day-Of Support: On the wedding day itself, your daughter could have a mix of emotions. Be available for emotional support and any assistance needed. Help her get ready, offer words of encouragement, and be there to calm any nerves or jitters she may be feeling.

  • Capture Memories: Take plenty of photos and videos throughout the day to capture precious memories of this special occasion. Capture special moments, speeches, and celebrations to remember your daughter's wedding day for years to come.

This a photo of me at my Daughter Morgans wedding 


  • Enjoy the Moment: Celebrate and enjoy every special moment of your daughter's wedding day. It's a time to cherish love, family, and new beginnings. Your presence as the bride's mother is important and valued during the celebration.

  • After the Wedding: Keep showing love and support to your daughter as she starts her new life after the wedding. Be there to lend a listening ear, offer advice when asked, and celebrate the joys and triumphs of married life together.

As the mother of the bride, your duties may extend far beyond the wedding day itself. By providing love, patience, and support to your daughter throughout the entire wedding planning process will help ensure that her special day is everything she dreams it to be and more.

Cheers to the journey ahead and the beautiful memories that await!